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A Lucas Sports event transforms young athletes into philanthropists!

As your organization’s athletes raise money, they win awesome prizes and help support a charitable cause. The more money they raise, the more prizes they win, and the more they experience the great feeling that comes from helping others.  The fundraising culminates with an on site visit from a superstar athlete!

Here’s how our events work:

  • We provide you with signage, flyers, social media templates and other materials to help you promote the event to your community.

  • We create a customized fundraising website for your organization, branded with your name and logo.

  • Your youngsters register on the website and create a personal fundraising portal.

  • The fundraisers ask for donations by sharing their portal URL with friends and family.

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No cost to you - No financial risk!
  • Each week we run a fundraising contest.

  • The weekly contest winners win a variety of prizes, including special experiences with the featured athlete.

  • The fundraisers win additional prizes by reaching certain fundraising milestones.

  • The top overall fundraisers win special group experiences with the star athlete.

  • The website automatically tracks all donations, prizes won, incentives earned, and much more.

  • The big day arrives, and you host a superstar athlete, in your facility, for a magical & unforgettable day!

We offer virtual events, too! Contact us for details.
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